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Age group based scoring example

Team 1
Runner 1  placed 8th  out of 1000 = 0.80%
Runner 2  placed 10th out of 1000 = 01.00%
Runner 3  placed 4th out of 800 = 0.50%
Runner 4  placed 10th out of 100 = 10.00%
Total percentage = 12.30%

Team 2
Runner 1  placed 15th out of 1000 = 01.50%
Runner 2  placed 3rd out of 600 = 0.50%
Runner 3 placed 30th out of 1000 = 03.00%
Runner 4 placed 10th out of 500 = 02.00%
Total percentage = 7.00%

In this example, the team with the lowest overall percentage (Team 2) is declared the winner.

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